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Day 2: Bed tracks finished and hosted the all2gethernow Salon

Today was action packed. We started with the kids from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School at 10:00 and you can see a video of their musical contribution on our website. The band did solid seven hours of recording and have finished the bed tracks for the whole album in just two days with only overdubs and vocals to go.

Then, tonight we hosted the all2gethernow Salon at 19:00. 
Eric Eckhart reflected on day 2 of DIT: Do-It-Together, "The day was full of highlights. The kids were obviously a highlight. It was great involving them in recording the music and creating the album artwork, seeing their individual creativity coming out. 
Musically, because we didn't fully rehearse some of the songs, my first time hearing them with full band was at the moment of recording. Really exciting. And, luckily positive. The band has done fourteen hours of recording and has finished the bed tracks for the whole album with only overdubs and vocals to go. 
Finally, it was great to take a step back and reflect on how we got to this point in the a2n Salon with Ela from Supermarkt and Andrea from all2gethernow and seeing people who participated in our Berlin Music Week workshops participating again in the DIT project. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to recording an album in front of a yoga class"

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