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Day 4: Documentary Interviews

Today we needed to push on with our documentary filming. So we took the chance to do interviews with everybody involved in this project, starting with the musicians and Sam Wareing, the DIT project manager. All agreed that the mood during the week has been very calm and concentrated. Within this environment, we have been incredibly productive and well ahead of schedule. 

The band did final overdubs for the songs with the string section. Eric finished the vocals for each song and, with the help of several collaborators, workshopped the lyrics of 'Make It'. Everyday the sound gets refined and broader in scope and it is great to see that the project is working properly. 

Later in the day, we organised backing vocals for three songs with a choir of volunteers who had never met before and who had, mostly, never recorded before. After Sam took them through vocal warm-ups, Eric taught them the parts and calmed their nerves. It was interesting to see how they managed being recorded. In the end, it was positive and sounded very warm, real and human.

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