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Day 4: Eric's thoughts, "We did it!"

dit_day_4_choir.pngEric gave us his thoughts on DIT day 4. "We did it! The album's recorded. Right on schedule. Emotional. A bit draining. Full of excitement. It kind of feels like a blind date, meeting my songs for the first time as fully grown creatures. I've heard them in bits and pieces, but never with the full band as we had almost no rehearsal.

Now I'm soaking them in and I'm a bit overwhelmed at how well everything went. I still can't get my head around how well it went and how positive this experience has been. Far more rewarding than working in isolation.

I'm looking forward to the mixing, stepping off the stage and handing the songs over to Popschutz for mixing. Really looking forward to stepping back and taking in the songs as a whole. Also looking forward to participating in the other aspects of the project I haven't had the time for - PR, artwork, distribution.

It's been good to bring these people together - kind of by design and kind of by accident. I looked at my journal started in 2010 and I could see the genesis of the project but it was really in the last six weeks that all the connections came together. It was only the end of July at Darja's place that our collective talked through the specifics of the project and started bring key people in to discuss it. The meeting with all2gethernow about Berlin Music Week brought in Popschutz and the Paul McCartney 70th Birthday tribute concert brought in the Salonband.

Rocco also spent time today editing the Berlin Cosmopolitan School kids into the track and it works, totally changes the feel of the track.Everyone's just come in and done the work. I haven't had to tell people anything. Just let them go and believe in the work.

Yay DIT! We made an album!

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