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Day 5: Mixing and our first big problem

Today, the mixing team from Popschutz arrived and mixed four of the ten songs. One of the unique techniques they are using to record in this former Supermarket is to set up a reverb chamber in a the tiled former meat storage room. Now a disabled toilet, the engineers fitted this makeshift reverb chamber with speakers and stereo microphones. They then play individual tracks like the keyboards and vocals into the room to capture the music with the room's natural ambience and then mix it back into the track.

We also ran into the first snag in the whole project - the person we thought was mastering this Sunday within the ethos of the project (that is an exchange of value other than money) decided he must have money. So with one day to go, we are digging into all our contacts to see who can pull us out of a jam. Our friends and collaborators have emailed their friends and contacts to see who could do this work. If we're to stay within our deadline, we need this person on Sunday or, at the latest, Monday.

For those who don't know the term, mastering is the final process music goes through to make it release-quality. It fattens up the sound and places everything  across the stereo spectrum making it suitable for playing on the radio.

The album is sounding amazing. We'd hate to fall over at this stage of the project with wonderful songs in the can. If there is anyone reading this blog who knows a mixing or mastering engineer, can you please ring them and ask if they know any good masterers who would be interested in our DIT:Do-It-Together project and could they contact aheadfulofbees [aet] googlemail.com.

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