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DIT Day 6: Solving problems

We've started day 6 with a huge dilemma. Into the second day of mixing, we were without a mastering engineer for the final day. After everything running so smoothly, it really looked like we'd blown our project deadline.

The masterer pulled out on Friday night, giving us less than 24 hours notice and saying he said he didn't want to participate in the DIT collaboration and wanted to be paid his usual fee. So, on Friday night, we put out a call on Facebook asking for help. Eric rung our sponsors and everyone he could think of and DIT project volunteers/collaborators Robert and Julia sent out emails and facebook messages on our behalf asking their engineering contacts for assistance.

This morning, we came in to find several facebook recommendations and, excitingly, two offers from masterers who had seen our plea for help and were offering to mix the project. Unfortunately, both said they couldn't do it until the middle of the week. Again, blowing our one album/one week deadline. We started compiling the list of offers and contacts when Frank, our documentary director, called with a friend who could do the work. On Sunday. YAY! Project saved! Relief.

Eric emailed the masterer, Dirk Heinrich from NewWay Audio who asked the right questions and offered to do a test master of one song so we could hear his work. A couple of hours later, we had a warm, fat version of Anyone Anywhere in hand and an appointment to master the record.

By 19:30, Eric had finished the mixes with Arne from Popschutz Studio and sent them off for mastering. And went home on the train with a döner and a beer, listening to the mixes of the album, ready for a well-earned sleep.

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