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Day 1: An Essay on DIT: Do-It-Together

DIT Day 1: 17 September 2012So, today was an interesting day - by turns slow and frenetic as we found the pace of the project and worked out last-minute logistical details. We're working with an amazing team of collectives and professionals who have come in, set up and owned their part of the process - from the four-man sound crew to the one-man video production… View More

Day 1 - DIT: Do-It-Together Project Update

So, today we've made a mobile app so you can watch our project on your mobile phone. We've put up our visiting schedule so if you're in Berlin, drop in! Eric Eckhart and Salon Band recorded three tracks, 'Anyone, Anywhere' 'Lost' and 'Make It'. You can hear 'Anyone, Anywhere' in this video made by Dominik… View More

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