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Day 7: WE DID IT!

Do-It-Together album released today

Eric contemplates the DIT:Do-It-Together project We did it! In one week, we successfully recorded, mixed, filmed, designed, promoted and mastered an album without spending any money, and with the collaboration of over 100 people. So, today is the day Eric Eckhart’s new album is released. It is now available for FREE download at:


We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our partners. This project was only possible because of the amazing collectives and volunteers that helped us and enjoyed this project as much as we did.

List of partners:
A Headful of Bees  collective
Salonband  musicians: Hans Rohe, Karl Neukauf, Alex Bayer, Achim Färber
Popschutz Studio  engineering and mixing: Rocco Weise, Ron Sellgast, Timo Myxa, Arne Bergner, Florian Zimmermann and Fabian Leistner
Supermarkt-Berlin  venue team: Ela Kagel, David Farine, Zsolt Thomas Szentimai, Dora Hoszek, Fritzi Fink, Gretchen Blegen, Helmut Bolling and Collin Smith
NewWay Audio
mastering: Dirk Heinrich
Orange 'Ear Video  documentary filming: Frank Nagel
Pheonix Media Group  website maintenance: Thomas Fowler
Interdisc-Berlin  CD pressing: Susanne Mattheus
all2gethernow music industry strategies: Andrea Goetzke

plus Khudela Collective, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Noisyrooms and the Cultural Commons Collecting Society.

Special thanks to our volunteers.

Photography: Frank Nagel, Dominik Petzold and Darja Könnig
PR team: Julian Baasch, Samantha Wareing
Filming and Photography: Frank Nagel, Dominik Petzold and Darja Könnig
CD Cover by Darja Könnig and Philipp Damm
CD Artwork by Sam Wareing, Julian Baasch, Robert Wimpory, Sandra Sarala, Kusi Okamura, Oskar Mommsen, Hermann Jacobs, Vincent Carter, Chester Schuffenhauer, Rafaela Brewer, Julia Ulrich, Antonia Stanley, Tam-Anh Nguyen, Luis Kuhn-Viegas, Leander Elia Behal, Joshua Goldbach, Eric Eckhart, Andrea Sass, Andy McCormack, Rafaella Brenner, Darja Könnig, Aoibhe, Paul Nelligan,  Kristian, Matte Rießig, Justin Cusack and a few artists that didn’t leave their names.  

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