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Day 1 - DIT: Do-It-Together Project Update

So, today we've made a mobile app so you can watch our project on your mobile phone. We've put up our visiting schedule so if you're in Berlin, drop in! Eric Eckhart and Salon Band recorded three tracks, 'Anyone, Anywhere' 'Lost' and 'Make It'. You can hear 'Anyone, Anywhere' in this video made by Dominik… View More

Day 1: An Essay on DIT: Do-It-Together

DIT Day 1: 17 September 2012So, today was an interesting day - by turns slow and frenetic as we found the pace of the project and worked out last-minute logistical details. We're working with an amazing team of collectives and professionals who have come in, set up and owned their part of the process - from the four-man sound crew to the one-man video production… View More

Morning of Day 2: Of clapping and culture jamming

This morning, kids from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School¬†rock band class recorded a beatloop for Eric's song 'I feel better' and designed CD covers for the DIT Album, which will be on display at Supermarkt. The DIT team had a great time together with the kids. Thank you to Berlin Cosmopolitan School for supporting our… View More

Day 2: DIT Daily Video Update

Day 2: Students from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School laid down an old-school rhythm track for Eric's song 'I Feel Better'. Bumm Bumm… View More

Day 2: Bed tracks finished and hosted the all2gethernow Salon

Today was action packed. We started with the kids from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School at 10:00 and you can see a video¬†of their musical contribution on our website. The band did solid seven hours of recording and have finished the bed tracks for the whole album in just two days with only overdubs and vocals to… View More

Day 3: Yoga and strings were amazing

Today the Supermarkt was full of action. This morning Erinbell Fanore, yoga instructor, visited us here, to give relaxation to everybody who wanted. The atmosphere around here was very familar and calm. The band did some overdubs to improve the songs. All in all the forenoon was very progressive. We had the chance to do a short video which summs up the all2gethernow meeting and the concept of DIT: Do-It-Together.… View More

Day 4: Documentary Interviews

Today we needed to push on with our documentary filming. So we took the chance to do interviews with everybody involved in this project, starting with the musicians and Sam Wareing, the DIT project manager. All agreed that the mood during the week has been very calm and concentrated. Within this environment, we have been… View More

Day 4: Eric's thoughts, "We did it!"

Eric gave us his thoughts on DIT day 4. "We did it! The album's recorded. Right on schedule. Emotional. A bit draining. Full of excitement. It kind of feels like a blind date, meeting my songs for the first time as fully grown creatures. I've heard them in bits and pieces, but never with the full band as we had… View More

Day 5: Mixing and our first big problem

Today, the mixing team from Popschutz arrived and mixed four of the ten songs. One of the unique techniques they are using to record in this former Supermarket is to set up a reverb chamber in a the tiled former meat storage room. Now a disabled toilet, the engineers fitted this makeshift… View More

DIT Day 6: Solving problems

We've started day 6 with a huge dilemma. Into the second day of mixing, we were without a mastering engineer for the final day. After everything running so smoothly, it really looked like we'd blown our project deadline.The masterer pulled out on Friday night, giving us less than 24 hours notice and saying he said he didn't want to… View More

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