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We want to thank all the wonderful artsist, organsiations and friends who are helping with DIT: Do-It-Together. We will be posting as full a list as possible of everyone who helped with the project here, but in the meantime, here are some of the first to join us.

Project partners include:

  • Supermarkt - Creative hub in Berlin where the project will take place
  • SoundCloud - Berlin-based free audio cloud service
  • a2n (All 2gether Now) - an independent platform and event series that looks for new strategies within the music business and it’s cultural landscape.
  • noisy Musicworld - everything you need to begin, grow and flourish as a musician
  • Salon Band - amazing German band who will back Eric up on the album. Invitation - Arrangement - Accompaniment
  • PopSchutz Studios - Recording studio collective founded in 2004
  • Orange 'Ear - Video Production
  • Bandcamp - free online music and mech selling point
  • C3s (Creative Commons Collecting Society) -a collaborative effort to found a new and ground-breaking European collecting society for musical creators being build with themselves participating.
  • Songpier - the artist’s Swiss army knife in promotion with mobile apps
  • Khudéla - artist theatre and video collective
  • Interdisc-Berlin - printed our DIT CDs  
  • NewWay Mastering - mastering, web, events and media

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