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What is DIT?

One week - one album - 100 people working collectively without spending money

100 people came together for one week to record, design, film, promote and release Eric Eckhart's new album all in front of an audience and without spending any money at a former grocery store in Berlin.

The idea of DIT is about challenging tradition methods of creative productions, embracing collaborative working and promoting non-monetized and open-source values.

It is about artists building their own infrastructure to record, distribute and promote each others art while at the same time connecting with audiences in new and innovative ways.

The Berlin-based international artist collective A Headful of Bees used American singer-songwriter Eric Eckhart’s new album as a test case to pull together all these progressive ideas into one experimental project.

From 17-24 September 2012, Supermarkt creative hub in Berlin was opened to the public allowing people to watch and participate in the entire project, thereby pulling back the curtain on the creative process that people rarely get to experience.

Over 100 people joined workshop teams to hand-make individually designed CDs, do guerrilla-style promotion, live stream and film the event, do yoga, stomp and clap and sing in choirs.

Even the songwriting had a collaborative aspect, as Eric wrote one song with 40 people on Facebook who answered his invitation to post their lyrics, thoughts and ideas.

The documentary film of DIT will be released this Autumn.

DIT: Do-It-Together was released as an open-source recording under a Creative Commons license that allows people to download, share and remix the music for free for non-commercial purposes while only requiring that the artist be properly credited.

Project partners include:


Media/Press contact Anthony Morrell at media[at]do-it-together.com

To participate in DIT: Do-It-Together contact aheadfulofbees@googlemail.com

Websites: www.do-it-together.com and www.aheadfulofbees.com

Download a PDF of the DIT: Do-It-Together story here
Download a PDF of the DIT: Do-It-Together Schedule at Supermarkt

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